Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Regrets and Something I Miss... Day 18 and Day 19

Hi everyone!!!!! I'm back to my Bloggity Blog challenge... though I do need to catch up on reading the other ladies fabulous blogs!!!!  Just a quick post to share some more random things about me!  I am on Day #18 - Regrets and Day #19 - Something I Miss.

I don't really think that I have any.  I do tend to think what might have been if things didn't happen the way they did... If I had to choose something, it isn't really a regret, just a "wonder what would have happened," is mine.

When I was graduating high school, I applied to colleges like everyone else.  I had my "sure things," my "reach but attainables," and then my "yeah, right!" applications.  Well, the first college that I got my reply from was Seton Hall University, here in NJ.  I was over the moon, so excited, and shocked.  My "yeah, right" school just sent me an acceptance letter!  Wow!

I am a lucky, lucky girl... spoiled brat in some ways. My grandparents were going to pay for my college tuition - so I didn't have to worry about tuition or things like that!  In my family, the grandparents have paid for the college education of the grandkids.  There aren't like crazy amounts of grandkids, so it is workable. Well, my mom told me that I wasn't able to go to Seton Hall because my grandparents wouldn't pay for it.  I was crushed, but understood.  I didn't look at another college acceptance letter. None.  I decided on a county college.  I never mentioned it again.

Years later, my grandparents were paying for my college education.  As I was chatting with my grandfather about colleg on the phone one day - by this point I had transferred to another university and was almost completed with my degree - and he asks me "Why didn't you go to Seton Hall?" I was dumbstruck, and speechless. I told him that Mom said he wouldn't have paid.  He said that wasn't the case, explained some things that my Mom got wrong, and said that maybe she had misunderstood him.  He would have paid for my schooling wherever I went. 

My only wonder what would have happened is:  What would my life have been like now - if I had gone to Seton Hall?  Not necessairily a regret, more of a wonder. I ended up transferring from County College to another NJ university, and graduating with a Degree in Psychology, as well as a Business Degree.

I do also know that this was the way it was supposed to happen -- otherwise, I wouldn't have met my wonderful husband, or had my two babies, or anything!  So... not really a regret!

Something I Miss...
Hmmmm.... really hmmmmm.... I am totally not sure!  I miss the little things --

I miss summer days, evening playing outside, warm weather and sunshine!  At least right now!  lol! I miss my grandfather, Shayne (yes, my older DS is named after him) -- and I wish he could have gotten to meet my little Shayne!  He was such a grumpy old man... but I knew just what he wanted every time I saw him!  I miss being able to go out one night and not having to worry about the kids, get a babysitter, or all that stuff!  I miss college -- it was so much FUN!  I miss hanging out with friends -- with kids and everything else, it is so difficult!  I miss my grandparents -- I still have three and they are special to me!  I miss seeing my family that lives far away... Indiana, California, and all over!  I miss so much... but it all seems so little!  I am grateful for what I have!

Be back soon... maybe with something fattening!  LOL... and I just hopped back on my cut down eating diet thingy!  :)

Have a nice night... thanks for visiting and reading my typative chattery post!
Jenn (jk703)

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