Monday, February 21, 2011

Nicknames and Me...Days 19 and 20 and a late addition of Day 21!

Hello... Hello... I may be behind on this bloggity challenge, but I will complete it!  :)  I've am about two thirds of my way through... so I will keep plugging along!  I'm at the day where I get to share my nicknames and a picture of me... I should just post like 10 pictures of me.... bwahahahaha!  That might be a little odd!  After this I've got some Mustard Removal ready to go... so don't forget to check that out... a fun little tutorial featuring my older DS, Shayne!

Day 19 -- Nicknames...

There are lots!  Lot's I tell ya... but mainly if I had to choose one it would be... dun dun dun daaaaa... Jenn.  Wow, right?  you couldn't have guessed that one, huh?!  Lets see what else I remember...

My parents called me The Wedge when I was a kid.  I am an only child, and would always be in between them... laying down on the bed, at the movies, wherever... so The Wedge was born.

Dad calls me "Ifer" sometimes.... because he didn't want the other half of my name to feel bad!  lol!

Gram calls me whatever name she can think of... Jeanne, Jan, Jane... oh, Jenny... I don't give her any lip... she has 8 kids and all their names start with the letter J... eventually she will get to Jenny.  BTW... DO NOT call me Jenny unless you are one of my grandmothers.  While I may not punch you, I will growl... grrrrrr...   it is reserved for them, and I don't like it really at all unless it is coming out of their mouths!

After that... well, there is one that stands out... Kennelly. It sounds like Kennelli... not Kenneeeeeelly.  lol!  It is my maiden name, and well, that was what a lot of people in college referred to me as... now that I am married... well, Kennelly remains.  Since Peter and I met in college, we have lots of the same friends... and Kennelly will live on!  lol!  I like it... it is a part of me!

Day 20... Pic of me... well, it is to the right... and i think it was taken in October 2010... nothing has changed, well... I do need to color my hair... badly... but otherwise the same!

Day 21...I'm going to squeeze this one in here too... What's in my Makeup Bag?

Well... makeup!  :)  I wear make up every day... and honestly... I look so funny with out it!  Seriously, people think I look tired or sick without makeup!  It is quite funny - plus if I don't wear my makeup... well, I really have NO eyes... they are small to begin with... and without some makeup showing them off... they are non-existent!  :)

What is in it?
Foundation, blushes, loose powder, eyeshadows, eye shadow primer, wet eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, and more of the same. Don't forget the brushes, tweezers, and all the other doo-dads that go along with make up and application!  :)

My favorite eyeshadow is Urban Decay... Naked... LOVE... awesomesauce!  They also have an awesome eyeshadow primer... swear, it doesn't fade throughout the day... good stuffts!

Thanks for visiting! Hope you all have a great day!  Be back soon with Mustard Removal! :)
Jenn (jk703 or The Typative Scrapper)

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