Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dream House... and Looking Forward: Day 16 and Day 17

Hi everyone...  Happy Sunday!  I love the weekends, and not having to go to work!  I like my job, but lately, it is just not as fun as it used to be... oh well... onto better things!  I'm back again to share with you some more chattery randomness -- but with the Bloggity Blog Challenge, I'm a little more focused, lol!

I've decided to move on and over Day 15.  Not really the chattery subject I'd like to delve into here!

Day 16 is all about my dream house... well... I have to link you up... because it was a sweepstakes house for HGTV in 2009... um, 2008, and probably every year.... :)  I love these houses, and I would gladly copy and build all of them if I had the time and money!  There definitely good and not so good to each house... but I'd make it my own!

2008....close to my heart.  Every year my family and I meet in Islamorada, FL for a vacation.  It is beautiful, warm, and friendly place!  Nothing like the Florida Keys... and this HGTV 2008 dream house was beautiful!

2009...Beautiful porches, and clean and simple lines... mmmmm!  I love the whole house, but the look is so nice! A girl can dream, right!?  HGTV 2009 dream house... 

Closer to my home, and dear to my heart, is my grandmothers home.  It makes everything seem regal, but it is a comfortable familiarity to me, so I love it!  I'm not going to share the house itself, but my favorite picture from the house... untouched.  I love it!

Day 17.... something to look forward to... well, everything! I can't pin down everything, now can I?!  ok... well, not work!  :)

I look forward to the everyday, the hanging out with my boys, sharing a snack with them -- all the little stuff!  I also look forward to the big things -- vacations, anniversaries, or other things like that... Right now, with so much winter and snow... I am looking forward to the temperatures getting warmer and spring and summer!

I am a Pollyanna at heart...

Thanks for visiting... and have a nice Sunday!  I'll be posting shortly about those fantastic Eye-Fi cards... so check that out too!
Jenn (jk703)


  1. What beautiful homes and the last one of your grandmother's home is just so warm and inviting..that photo says so much!

  2. I think if you sign up for the free HGTV house, and post the link, then you're cutting your chances of winning yourself. ;) lol lol

  3. I love that photo from your grandma's house.