Friday, December 10, 2010

Trimming - Detailed Version!

ETA:  My images are not showing up... They were uploaded to Blogger, and eaten!!  Sorry about that! (Thank you DoggiNo for letting me know!)  I will be working on getting new images up by the end of the week!

Hi Everyone! I've decided to be a little more detailed and picturesque with my trimming tutorial!  Here is a detailed version for Trimming Your Files! Sorry for the double posting of subjects, but I thought this would help out those who needed pictures and more details!  

We all love our digi supplies, right?!? We've got to make sure we are clearing some room on those hard drives so that you can get some more goodies at Chelle's awesome store! I'm sure you are like me, and there is a ton of kits and ellies in your wish lists!

For my examples I used Chelle's Kit, Tell Me More that comes included with her Journaling Class! It is an AWESOME kit, and the Alpha is fantastic! Sign up today! It starts in January 2011!

When you create a layout, many times you place papers, ellies, and all those fun digital supplies on your layout - parts of those items are laying out in the out of bounds area! When you look at your layout, and click to move something, you might see this oversized bounding box:

Little Helper Page 1 and Page 2
Supplies:  Chelle's Creations Tell Me More Kit and Fiddle Dee Dee Designs Don't Box Me In Set #2
This bounding box means that there are items hanging off your page and taking up space! Things that you might not be able to see on your layouts are taking up valuable hard drive space! Here is how we remove and save space:

Choose Select > All.

Once you choose to select All, you will see the marching ants around your layout. It should appear like this on your screen:

Little Helper Page 1 and Page 2
Supplies:  Chelle's Creations Tell Me More Kit and Fiddle Dee Dee Designs Don't Box Me In Set #2

Next, you will choose Image > Crop. Click on this and your layout will be trimmed of all items that you cannot see hanging off your pages, and don't need to keep.

This does not delete hidden layers. Hidden layers can be deleted directly from your layers palette by right clicking on the layer and choosing delete.

Little Helper Page 1 and Page 2
Supplies:  Chelle's Creations Tell Me More Kit and Fiddle Dee Dee Designs Don't Box Me In Set #2

Why is this important to do to each .psd file you might have? Space! A regular single page layout file can be trimmed and save over 10MB of space! That might not be a lot as a layout, but think of that times 10 layouts! 10MB x 10 single layouts = 1 GB of space! Keep doing that and you will allow your computer to be a little more efficient! Plus, the best part is that you get to fill that space with more digital goodies! Woot!

Hope that helps you free up some space! Let me know if you have any questions - would love to know how much you trimmed today!

This more detailed trimming post was created by me for Chelle's Creations recently.
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  1. Jenn, love the additional idea to save space. Too bad the pics aren't showing anymore but the text was clear enough. So I'm going to give it ago on my next layouts.

    But 10Mb x 10 LO's = 100Mb, not 1Gb ;) but still every little bit counts.

  2. Do you have a fast work around for us PSE users? I wish there was a way to make a marquee of a particular dimension and snap that marquee to grid. Then it would make this simpler for PSE, you know?

  3. Leslie... The trimming should work in PSE... is it not? I will have a friend check for me also.

    I've still got to get my pictures up... New ones will be made!