Friday, January 13, 2012

P52: Round 2... Trying Again... and a Type Path Tutorial!

Hi Everyone.... I'm back after a bit of a hiatus with the holidays and new year!  Can you believe it is 2012?  Though... I'm still writing 2011 all over the place!  Oops... :) I hope you all had a most wonderful holiday and new year!  What was your most favorite memory or favorite gift!?

I decided to try again at my modified version of P52, yay... but I need to keep myself motivated and actually complete it!  I think I only got in to about 7 or 8 weeks last year and then it all went down hill!  I think one major difference between this year and last year is my phone.  I'm going to take random shots more often!  I have an iPhone.... and Instagram has started a photo craze in me!  I usually take pictures on the sun, sky, and especially flowers... the nature side I like... but now, I will incorporate my P52 into my Instagram and use those photos too!  OH.... on Instagram, my user name is jk703!  Come check it out... let me know that you came form my blog!

Anyway... I'm being chattery!  So... here is my first P52 Modified layout!  I used a special kit from the Scrap Orchard Designers called The Bees Knees, and wonderful Paper Blocks 365 templates by Little Green Frog Designs and Michelle Batton!

I also did a tutorial using my layout as an example for Scrap Orchard.  You can check it out HERE!  (Though, it will eventually be recycled to here too!) Did you know I write new tutorials every other week over there, and then on my off weeks, I get to show off other tutorials that are located in the forums!  How cool is that?!

One last item about this page.... I got my first GSO for 2012 with it!  I was SOOOO stoked to see it included on the Me So Scrappy blog.  You can check it out HERE! I was floored and sooo happy.  I don't usually get GSO's so they are really special to me!

And my first P52 double pages for 2012..... dun dun dun duuuuuuunnnnnnn...

WOOOOOOT! LOL... can't help it!  :)  I''ll be posting alternate posts with tutorials and layouts hopefully! That is my intention this year... at least a weekly to bi weekly posting of tutorials and layouts!  Lemme know what you want to see tutorial wise!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!
Thanks for visiting and come back soon!
Jenn (jk703/The Typative Scrapper)