Friday, July 13, 2012

Hello! Hello! & PS Tips

Hi Everyone.... How are you all doing?! LOL!  I don't even know if anyone reads my blog much, but that may be beacause I have blogged anytime recently!  I always wonder if these tutorisals or my random chatter is boring!  :) 

I've been busy with life, mostly my kids!  They are trying to make me nuts - most of the time. The other times, they are so sweet and cute... then that evil smirk shows up on their faces!  LOL!  The sure do keep me laughing and happy though!  

Summer is here i full swing. It's been so hot... but I love not having homework!  Makes the summer worthwhile!  lol!  

So, here is a little tutorial for you.... bunch of random tips and tricks that you can use in Photoshop or Photoshop elements!  Some may be repeats, but I think there are a few new ones in there too!  

If you want to share your favorite tip, I'd love to hear it!  This was originally written by me, and posted at Scrap Orchard, on the blog and in the Scrap Orchard University. 

Tip #1:
Save your Workspace. I'm not sure about your household, but my husband and my kids are on my desktop, but no one else uses my laptop. So, when I want to use Photoshop, and use the menus my way, I save my workspace. It shows just the palettes that I want, and I don't have to make changes to what my husband uses. We can each have our own space. Once I had my workspace just as I liked it, I clicked on Windows > Workspace > Save Workspace. I named it Digi and saved it. My husband named his "Mine," lol! You can also click on the double right pointed arrows in the top left corner of the worksapce, and choose Save Workspace. You can save many - one for photo editing, scrapbooking, and designing. Saves a lot of time moving and changing the palettes! 

Tip #2: 
Marching Ants Go Round and Round. So, you have them and now you don't know how to stop seeing them march for a minute, but at the same time, keep your selection. Press Command + H (Control for PC) and they will stop marching, press the shortcut again, and presto, they are back exactly where they were before you hid them! So easy! 

Tip #3
Default Color Selections. This little box has easy shortcuts! All you have to do is press D to reset your color squares to default settings - which is black as the foreground color and white as the background color. If you press the X next, it will switch the foreground color and your background color. If you want a specific color in one of the squares, just click on it and the Color Picker pops up!

Tip #4
Where are the Palettes Hiding? You have all your palettes up, and all over your screen, but you need more space! Quickly hide your palettes by pressing the Tab key. To get them back on your screen, press Tab again. If you need your Toolbar, you can keep that one by pressing Shift + Tab. Here is a screen with my Palette's showing and a screen without. All by pressing that Tab key! 

Tip #5
Marquee Move. There have been times that I have made a selection using my Marquee Tool, and it isn't in the right spot. As you make your selection, don't let go of that mouse button! If it is in the wrong spot, just press the Shift key, and still holding that mouse button down, start to drag your selection to the correct place. When in the correct position and the right size, let go of the mouse button, and then the marching ants will appear - and in the correct location.

Tip #6
100% Zoom Zoom. Sometimes you want to get up close and personal in your workspace. Just click on the magnifying glass two times, and boom - you are viewing at 100%! Easy!

Tip #7
Fit to Screen. Now that you've just clicked to 100% zoom, you want to see the whole picture in your screen. Just click on the Hand Tool two times, and you've got everything that you are working on fitted into your photoshop workspace screen! Another Easy one! 

Tip #8
Fast Unhide/Hide. You want to hide about 8 layers and don't want to hide them all individually! All those repeated clicks could be done with a little single click and drag. Click on one layer's "eye" and hold that click. Next, drag the cursor over all the layers you want to hide, and you will see the "eye" disappear for each one. Want them all back, this tip works the opposite way too! 

Tip #9
Opacity by Numbers. The opacity for each layer can easily be change by using your keyboards number buttons. Want 90% opacity, press 9. Want 50% opacity, press 5. I use this one a lot - and easy way to quickly see the changes when working with blend modes. 

Tip #10
Quick - I need a New Layer. Command + N brings up the New Layer pop up box to create a new layer above the one selected in the layers palette! Fast! 

How about them apples?! Well, tips... lol! I hope you found something useful in all these tips! There are loads of shortcuts to make you work faster and easier in your scrapping! Learning just a couple that you can use all the time will really be a surprise!

Thanks for visiting... If there are any tutorials that you would like me to do, please let me know! 
Have a great weekend!
The Typative Scrapper