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Friends and Fears... Days 9 and 10

So.... Friends and fears are up next... no, they don't go together!  LOL! I'm just smooshing my posts together as I go... especially since I am not a post -a-day person!  Many of my posts are first posted somewhere else, and then re-cycled for my bloggity blog!  :)  For me, this gives me all my posts in one spot though and includes my tuts, some layouts, recipes, randomness and chattery!

Day 8 -- Friends

I have friends, and they are grouped in my brain!  LOL!  There are the high school friends, college friends, neighbors who turned into friends, and my online friends!  lol!  Seems funny to be grouped, but that is the easiest way to explain!

High School Friends are the oldest friends that I know... duh?!... but there are few.  I had fun in HS, but it is that awkward teen years and you have no idea who you really are, kwim?!  These are also the type of friends that pop in and out of my life at times.  Dana, (Hi Dana!) was my best friend throughout most of HS... but we grew apart the last year, and then with college.  Our parents are friends, so I would see her a couple times at friendly gatherings!  We may not be as anywhere as close as we once were, but I truly do consider her a warm, wonderful, caring friend.  I would love to see her more often, but being able to catch up at least every summer, and through Facebook at least allows me to know a little about what is going on in her life.

College friends are the crazy, fun, happy crowd, right!?  Well, mine are that, and then there is the sweet, thoughtful and warm-hearted side!  I joined a sorority in college, and many would think that because you pay dues for your sorority, you don't really have "friends."  So untrue!  There are seven of us who meet a bunch of times a year, with girls night out or get togethers with the kids, who remain friends from college, and in my mind, for many years to come!  I am closest to Sara and Kari of the bunch, and know if I ever truly needed anything, they would be there - and the same goes for them! There are a few more sorority sisters the I count as friends.  Many times I just wish I lived closer to many!  It is hard to be active when so much is going on in your life, and family!  One other friend from college, I actually met after college (even though we went to the same college) was Dana!  (Yes, another) We worked together, and spent lots of time together.  She is a special friend.  She truly holds a spot in my heart!

My group of Neighbors-Turned-Friends, right now, are the ones that I see most often.  We were all having kids, meeting each other and living in our neighborhood -- perfect mix!  Everyone gets along, and we all have fun together!  The kids get to play, run around like maniacs, and just be happy!  Though times are changing, and people are moving, we make sure to plan things together and see one another!  Annual get togethers are starting at Halloween, Christmas and multiple summer BBQ's, and I've just enrolled Shayne in a Wizard Science class with one of of kids!  I know any of the ladies would help me out in a pinch as I would them!

Online friends... they are those fabulous people that I've met online in the Digital Scrapping Community!  I don't think that I have any BFF's so to speak, but there are people that I chat with, and see ALL the time.  People I am drawn to... In time, maybe I will be able to call them true friends.  Time will tell!

It appears that friends and closeness goes in cycles for what is going on in my life...

Many of you night know a close friend of mine, lol... Linda (scrapporreia)!  She actually is one of my neighbors-turned-friends IRL! We've gotten closer throughout the last year, and I truly love this woman!  I consider her one of my close friends.  We have so many things in common and I just truly enjoy her company, as well as her family!  She is a person that I can talk to, share my worst moments and happiest with, laugh with, trade kid problems with and just about anything else!  One big thing that we have in common, now, lol... is Digital Scrapbooking!  I was able to turn her to the Dark Side, and she is just as obsessed as me!  It is funny to our hubby's that we can scrap together and sit there and not talk!

My last friend and only true best friend - the one who will stay my friend no matter what will happen in my life. My husband, Peter.  He is truly my best friend.  I cannot really put into words everything he is.  He just is everything to me!

Using Spinky Dinks Scraps - Take a Chance, and Fiddle Dee Dee Designs, Don't Box Me In.

There you have it... the rambly friendly part!  lol!

Fears... What am I afraid of?

I'm not to sure to be honest.  I fear me... ROAR... nah, just kidding!  I think I don't fear anything specific... I'm a worrier, so that just takes over.  Maybe making the wrong choices, and how it affects my life, my kids life, and our future.  Maybe it is the uncertainty of what lies ahead.  Not sure.  How's that for uncertainty?  :P  There are the given fears of losing -- family, friends, job, etc... but I think that might fall into the uncertainty of what lies ahead!

Hope everyone has a great night and weekend!
Thanks for stopping by...
Jenn (jk703)

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