Thursday, February 3, 2011

An Interruption for DESSERT!!!!

Beep... Beep... A 30 Day Bloggity Blog Challenge Interruption... Beep... Beep... 

lol!  I'm playing, but I'm having fun!  My friend Linda (Scrapporreia) was telling me about a recipe for Brownies with Oreo's inside.  She explained them a bit, and sent me a link with a recipe!  It sounded divine!  I was just a little too lazy to look at the recipe, so I tried my own version!  Ready.... Set... Let's Go... gain a pound just by reading!  :)

You will need 
Box of Brownie Mix (and the stuffts to make it, as noted on the box)
Oreo's -- (I STRONGLY suggest Double Stuff!)
Non-stick Cooking Spray
Cake Icing... I used a Whipped Vanilla Icing. 
Muffin or Cupcake Pan

OK... Let's get started... it is pretty easy... 
Start by making the brownie mix as they advise on the box.  I used this kind -- it was all I had in the house at the time. It actually worked out really well... I'll share why later!  

I also used Oreo cookies... and they were Double Stuff!  YUMMY!  You could probably substitute another similar cookie or candy if you'd like... but I liked the whole Oreo and vanilla center idea!  Spray your pan... trust me - you DON"T want it to get stuck in there!  Once your brownie mix is stirred up and ready to go... plop an Oreo right in!  See!!!  

Get the Oreo all covered with Brownie mix as well as you can!  This is actually the hard part!  My mix was kind of chunky and didn't want to stick to the Oreo. I just kept kind of spooning the mix on the Oreo and spreading it around! OK.. Plop it into the muffin pan... See the pic below... I was worried that I didn't have enough brownie mix because it wasn't as liquid-y as my brownies normally were... it wasn't an issue.  

I popped them in the oven and let them cook per the boxes directions.  It was about 18 minutes... I pulled them out, and this was what they looked like!  They looked so good and smelled really really good!

 Now, the fun part... I have a sweet tooth, and took my Vanilla Icing and spooned some on top -- like a flattened cupcake. Here is my little masterpiece!  The chocolate brownie is good all on it's own, but adding the whipped topping really adds a different sweetness from the chocolate!  Try it!

Here's is what the inside looks like!  I took a bit and exclaimed to my husband... "Oh... I gotta get a shot of this - Check it out!"  He just rolled his eyes at me!  Oh well.... lemme tell you -- he ate 4!  

OK!  That is all... so easy, and I didn't follow a recipe!  lol!  There is one ingredient that you have to have after making these... Willpower... not to eat more than one! 

To think... this isn't even my "just by reading it, you'll gain 10 pounds" recipe... that one will be soon... when I make it next!  

I would love to know if you make them, what you ended up putting inside, and how it tasted to you!  Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for visiting!
Jenn (jk703)


  1. ok, i know what I'm doing tomorrow! HA! Loved reading everything Jenn!

  2. Sure wish I still had that package of Double Stuff Oreos in my cupboard. Hmmmmm, might have to actually leave the house tomorrow. :)

  3. Yummy!! It's too bad my local grocery store is too dang expensive- gotta wait to go to "town" :(

  4. ok, I think I just gained at least 5 pounds in between your pics and Linda's.
    -- dalis

  5. You gals are all so horrible! If it wasn't for the gratification I get at seeing the numbers on the scale go down, I'd be all over this!