Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tips! Tips! and More Tips!

Hi Everyone! I have decided to visit you all again -- like I'd visit you anywhere else, lol! --  with some more great time saving tips for Photoshop! I started Digital Scrapping in March 2010 and I've been um... obsessed! I love it! Since I've started to spend time with my software and computer a lot, lol, I decided I needed to learn some useful tips! Through the last few months of using the software, I have learned a few tips that have helped me a lot! I thought I'd share some more of my top tips!

For my layout, I am using Chelle's Creations awesome kit, Choo Choo! It is such a fun, fantastic and versatile kit and definitely not just for train pictures! This is the preview:

Tip #1: Quick Fit
Sometimes, I like to view my whole layout, but I am working too closely. To quickly fit the image you are working on to the screen you are working in -- just click on that little hand 2 times! Presto! Fit to your view!

This is the Hand that I am referring to:

This is what my layout looks like after I double clicked. Perfect fit to my screen, and I can take a quick look see!

Tip #2: Selections are a Drag!
When I create a layout and make a selection, sometimes it is just not in the right location. If you click and drag your cursor using the Marquee Tool, and notice that you are not in the correct area, don't let that mouse button go! Just press the space bar, and then you can drag your selection to the correct location!

My bad selection... (see I didn't get the whole title included):

If you hold that mouse button down, press the space bar, and drag -- you can move it to the correct location you wanted!

Tip #3: Journaling Preview
I pick and choose so many fonts for my journaling that it takes forever! I used to stare at the font, or try it out and then not like it! Well, how about seeing your journaling in every font, and just deciding by looks which one you like!? No more agonizing!

OK, first step is to have the Type Tool your selected Tool. Then click on your journaling to see the dashed box around it, like this:

Next, you will highlight the text that you have written. It will look something similar to this:

Last, you will click on the Character Menu, and locate the font drop down menu. Click inside the Font name, where it says CK Cooper below. Now, just use your arrow keys and scroll through your fonts slowly. Your journaling will change every time you press the arrow key up or down. So easy to preview! You can also change the size and leading as well!

There you go... some more great tips for scrapping quicker! I hope that you've enjoyed these tips, and come back for more! I'd love to hear some of your great tips, so post them in the comments below! Thanks for visiting!

I created this blog post originally for Chelle's Creations: HERE!

Hope to see you visit again soon!

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