Sunday, January 2, 2011

Project 52: Started! Wooties! :)

Hi Everyone!  I've decided that I'm going to give myself a project for 2011!  I was contemplating doing a P365, but that is just a little daunting right now.  I don't really want to set myself up to fail, and want to keep upbeat and excited for my project. So, P52 came about in my mind as the solution!  So, I've made my album cover, and I LOVE it!  

Here is a picture of it, linked to my Gotta Pixel layout:
2011 Album Cover using Spinky Dink Scraps Capture Life Kit and Buttons
I just love this, and originally had the buttons as the words (Stop, Pause and Capture Life - 2011 Rewind), but my brain kicked in that I wanted it a little different!  I asked Lindsay (the awesome Designer behind Spinky Dink Scraps) for some help, and presto chango she agreed!  Woot!  Thanks Lindsay!!!! The buttons were created, and they are FABULOUS!!!!!  My plan is to use some similar items on each page, and these buttons might be perfect!  I guess I need some in more colors and a general neutral set!  LOL!  So that is how I got here -- to my Stop, Pause and Capture Life,  2011 Rewind P52 Album Cover! 

I hope you join me and my weekly quest to create a double page layout for each week!  It will give me a way to showcase some awesome products as well as getting me to scrap my year as it happens!  

SO... do you want to join me in my quest!?  Every week I would like to post on my blog about my week, along with my layouts, and some chattery randomness! Hope you will follow along!  I would like to provide the information to the kits I use, and if I can get permission, give away my pages as quick pages! That will be determined by the designers that I CT for though!  I hope to have a wonderful and completed layout for 2011! If I am able to, I will come back and add an entry for the Album Cover!  So, keep watchin or press that little button and FOLLOW ME! :)

The products I used to create this wonderful album cover are:

Capture Life by Spinky Dink Scraps

Thanks for stopping by to check out my chattery randomness, and see my album cover!  I hope to see you again... and would love if you showed me YOUR albums!  Link me up!  
Have a great night, and a great start to the New Year!  


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  1. I LOVE, love, LOVE this idea. It took me forever to figure out what a project 365 even was and when I did... yikes! too scary!

    Now, a project 52 - that's an idea I can get behind!

    And I love the cover you did. I will totally (TRY) to join you in this journey. I'll send you a link as soon as I concoct a cover. LOL

    Thanks for the inspiration!