Friday, January 28, 2011

Huh? Typative wha? and First Love... (Cue: Awwwwww) ROFL!

Hi Everyone... I'm back (albeit late) with Day 2 and Day 3 of the 30 day Blog Challenge... Woot!  After this I can say I'm 10% there!  HA!  Just kidding!  I am so corny... anyway... onto my posts... and guess what... both have scrapbook pages associated with them!  Where's that blink smiley when I need it!?  (Shari?! - lol!)

Day 2:  Behind the Blog
My blog is named... The Typative Scrapper.... I can be the biggest chatterbox!  BIGGEST... when I have time... or run of the mouth!  I spend a lot of time on the computer, e-mail, facebook (check out this page... The Typative Scrapper FB Style!) forums, and just about anywhere where my happy little fingers can type so.... I said I'm so typative... as in a typing chatterbox!  That is the gist of it... I even made a page about it...
The Typative Scrapper, Included In the November Artisan Notebook
Jennifer Fox Designs - Rough and Tumble
Fiddle Dee Dee Template for November Artisan Notebook.
Font is CK Cooper

Yup... that is it in a nutshell... a chaterboxish scrapper with a keyboard!  LOL!

Day 3:  Awww.... My First LOVE.... (*gag*)....
OK... just kidding... My lucky husband is Peter... and he and I met in college.  It was actually pretty funny!  Here is the LONG back story:

I had met Peter one afternoon, when my sorority sister introduced us at the college apartments we all lived in.  I thought he was cute, friendly, and funny... great qualities, but didn't think about it much...especially when he was all googly eyed over my "sister!"  KEY:  I had blond hair.

Fast forward about 6 months and we headed out to a fraternity party.  I was DD, so I was looking for something to do, that didn't need a drink!  :)  I found a pinball machine, but I was unable to get it working... I went up to a couple of the brothers that were having the frat party and asked for help.  Well, Peter was in the group, and offered to help me out.  We went and he got the pinball machine working and we played a few games.  Time to go...  Peter and a couple of his friends needed a ride, as well as my friends.  I drove his drunk rear home, along with his friends and mine... Night all... and again, didn't think anything of it...

Fast forward a couple more weeks, and I saw him at the bar across from my now off-campus apartment... we chatted, had a couple of drinks, played darts, just hung out.  At the end of the night, I wrote my number on his arm... from mid arm to his wrist!  LOL!

I found out the next morning that he got up and SHOWERED!  lol... he ran down to my sorority sister's apartment and asked for my number... they didn't give it out... but called me to ask!  I said it was ok... and we've been together ever since...

OH... when we met again after the first introduction... I had gone red!  We still joke to this day that he ignored me because I had blond hair and my friend had brown.  Obviously, I wasn't too impressive as a blond! :)

Here are two layouts that I have done for DH!  I bet you can see which is a favorite!

Spinky Dink Scraps -- Take a Chance 
Fiddle Dee Dee Designs & WM[squared] Template Collab
Font is Times New Roman

Mad Love Full Kit by Pixel Gypsy 
Lists and Lines Stamps by Pixel Gypsy 
I am not sure what the font is! Sorry!
That second page is my FAVORITE!  It is a double spread, but I don't need to bore you with more layouts, lol!  So... There you have it!  Day 2 and 3 done!  Yeah!  I've gotten 10% done!  Tomorrow I will be posting about Day 4: Parents... and Day 5: Recipe!  

What would you like.... figure friendly Tex Mex Turkey meatloaf, crock pot EASY Turkey meatballs, or snacky stuff?

Can't wait! rofl!
Thanks for visiting!
Jenn (aka jk703)


  1. Snacky stuff. :) CUTE story about you and DH. :)

  2. Loved reading about how you met your hubby! So it isn't true, blonde's don't have the most fun..:P I love either snacky stuff or the tex mex...always looking for new stuff to make for dinner!

  3. ha! I love this story! Thanks for sharing Jen!?!?

  4. Love how you seem to combining your blog project with your scrap layouts!!