Thursday, January 27, 2011

30 Days of Bloggity Blogging! ;)

Hi everyone! I've just found an awesome thread over at ScrapMatters about 30 days of blogging!  You can find it right HERE!  This will be challenging, and to be honest - with the two kids, full time work, CT commitments, and other various things going on... I might combine a couple days for one post!  lol!  I'm going to try!  Here is the list of the 30 days prompts:

Day 1-Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts
Day 2-Meaning behind your blog name
Day 3-Your first love
Day 4-Your parents
Day 5-Your favorite recipes
Day 6-A picture of something that makes you happy
Day 7-Favorite movies
Day 8-A place you've traveled to
Day 9-A picture of your friends
Day 10-Something you're afraid of
Day 11-Favorite TV shows
Day 12-What you believe
Day 13-Goals
Day 14-A picture you love
Day 15-Bible verse
Day 16-Dream house
Day 17-Something you're looking forward to
Day 18-Something you regret
Day 19-Something you miss
Day 20-Nicknames
Day 21-Picture of yourself
Day 22-What's in your makeup bag
Day 23-Favorite vacation
Day 24-Something you've learned
Day 25-Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs
Day 26-Picture of your family
Day 27-Pets
Day 28-Something that stresses you out
Day 29-3 Wishes
Day 30-a picture

So... to get started... I get to yabber on about ME!  lol... that shouldn't be difficult!  My name is Jenn or jk703 around digiland!  Here is a pic of me... um, just like the one to the right!?!

Interesting facts... well... I can list facts easily but interesting?!  Hmmm... 

  1. I have two middle names; one is Ann (the other is a secret, lol).
  2. I met my husband in college, twice.  The first time I had blond hair and I was ignored.  Six months later, I had gone red... and was noticed!  lol!
  3. I love these.... yes... those periods... and I use them a lot!  
  4. I started digiscrapping in late February/early March in 2010.  Almost one year of this obsession!  I think I've gotten pretty good.  :)  (lmao)
  5. I would love to stay home and not work -- as long as my kids were still in daycare and school! (They learn more there than they would at home!)
  6. I am a night owl, and hate getting up!  
  7. I love animated Disney/Pixar type movies!  Love... and could watch over and over and over!
  8. I used to be a PC girl... but once we got a Mac... I'm never going back!
  9. I have 3 grandparents still alive, and they are so special to me!  Love them!  
  10. I can write upside down. 
  11. I have the ability to the the "worm" - yes, that breakdancey thing... though I haven't done it in years! 
  12. I hate to talk on the phone... drives me nuts... not sure why.
  13. I am a spoiled rotten only child.  
  14. My favorite shoes are sneakers... I love them!
  15. I really don't think that I am an interesting person... oh well!  :)

There ya go.. Post 1 done!  Woot!  I'm going to share this on my Facebook page too!  Great idea Heather!  
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Well done Jenn! Only 29 more to go. LOL

  2. Writing upside down is a great skill- we have a restaurant chain (Montana's- great BBQ joint) where the waitresses write their names upside down!

  3. I can write and read upside down...goes with being a primary teacher for a few years! LOL Thanks for joining us!

  4. I love this idea Jenn. I'll pop over to SM and pick up the original thread. Love your blog. Your tutes are so easy to follow.

  5. I saw the thread but totally misunderstood it! Lol
    NOW I get it! Lol

  6. Love the idea Jenn, I am joining in too :)

  7. You aren't spoiled! :) Great blog; I'm really enjoying it and all of your digital scrapbooking!

  8. Loved learning more about you! I am a SAHM and I am a firm believer my boys learn more from school then they do at home. They hate when I try to teach them something.

  9. how fun! i used to be ab;e to do the worm too...a lonnnnggg time ago...and i love these...too...