Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 26 & 27: Family, Pets and Tears

Hi Everyone!  I'm back... lol... like I'd be anywhere else!  *giggle*  So... I'm up to Day 26 and Day 27 of the 30 Day Bloggity Blog Challenge -- to which I fell off the wagon, and recently got back on!  :)

So... Day 26 is a family picture... lol... I have to go search!

Wait... Be right back...

One More Minute...



The last picture that I have as a family is from last summer, lol! Didn't realize how horrible I was at getting group shots!  That sure is going to change!!!  So... I will share a family picture at least of the 4 of us, and then a layout of Peter and I... :)

As you can see... Shayne didn't want to take a picture, so he looked away at the last minute!  Oh well... lol!  Plus, don't mind me...we were away for the weekend, and were going to drive home for a nice 5 hour long trip so I hadn't done my hair or much makeup!  :)

Here is Peter and I from my cousin's wedding... with the sun in my face and my hair blowing in the wind... Oh Puleez!  lol!  The second page to this layout was with my parents... they are below Peter and I.

Delightful Day Elements and Papers by Spinky Dink Scraps
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I used Spinky Dink Scraps and a template from Fiddle Dee Dee Designs for this layout and it was such a cute/classy kit to work with, plus an awesome template!  Kind of like the best of both worlds!  

Next up.... well. Pets.

Hmmm.. I don't have much to say.  It is a tough one, and makes me sad still.  

I've only copied and pasted my explanation from FB to here.  I try not to dwell as I will become sad and still very upset.  Just explaining this and posting this brings tears to my eyes and that lump in my throat.  I am still unable to do the second page, even though the words below ARE the gist of the second page. 

I copied and pasted from my FB page...

The background... The will be the first page of a layout. I can't do the second page yet -- I don't have the "right" words.

Mack, my furbaby, was starting to snap at Colin, and growl if he came near. Then when we were not home, he started damaging the house, clawing at the drywall, door trims, and having accidents all over the house. We tried so many things... One afternoon, Colin was crawling around, and was near Mack, and Mack snapped at him, and almost got him.

We had to make one of the hardest and saddest decision of our life. We had to bring him to the shelter. We couldn't take any chances with our children. It made me feel like the worst person/pet owner in the world.

I will never get over him, and our situation... I can tell you my side of the story so many times, but the guilt will never go away. There are always the thoughts of "I should have done this or that"... I miss Mack so much!

Thanks for looking, and reading my novel.
I chose this odd photo because it was my favorite.

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ok... deep breath... 

moving on.  

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  1. I had to do something similar recently. Hugs and understanding coming your way!

  2. I had to put my little doggy down last year, but she was old and really the choice was made for me. But it was still so hard! I can understand your pain. Nice to see you back blogging Jen. And you look so much like your mum! Gorgeous pages.