Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I DID IT! Printed My 1st Album! & RadLab

Hi Everyone.... Lots to share... SO... I actually bit the bullet, and had my 2011 Rewind Album printed!  Yes... printed!  I was waiting as patiently as I could wait, and it arrived on Monday afternoon!  I was sitting at work, itching to leave and rip open the box! I LOVE it!

It is so awesome to see it IRL rather than my computer. No matter how much anyone tells you that it is great - you need to print to realize what they mean!  The pic on your screen is nothing like the real thing! Actually seeing it and holding it is weird and so cool! Seriously!

OK... I am not the best scrapper ever, not the best speller, or the best at thinking things through. BUT, I love my album, and what mistakes I notice are mine and mine alone. Most are really silly and make me laugh at myself - like the HUGE staple, or a Misspelled Title (Litte instead of Little, lol!) and the numerous spelling/typing errors in my journaling. For me, it's sort of like "It is what it is..." I wasn't able to fit all my pages so far into this album, so I made a first chronological album, and may print pages for a second album... yes, I scrapped a lot! :)

It was 98 pages long, and I got a nice brown leather album, and had a peek spot for an image. Each page has a nice thickness, and my kids loved looking at them already!  My oldest wanted to take pieces off the pages, and loved that they looked real to him!  Made my night when he said that!  He already asked if he could take it to school!  LOL!  Um... not yet, I have to show it off first!

My images are not the greatest!  I haven't replaced my camera, so I had to use my distance lens, and I put my book on the floor!  I was standing on my couch up high, trying to get the pictures!  I couldn't take a picture for every page, but I got a bunch! Here are some pages... All of the images are linked to my layouts in the gallery if you need credits.
Spinky Dink Scraps Kit

Spinky Dink Scraps Kit

Chelle's Creations Kit, Happy Scrap Girl Watercolor 
Textures and Scrapping with Liz Template

Chelle's Creations Kit, Happy Scrap Girl Watercolor 
Textures and Scrapping with Liz Template

mle: Scraps by the Brush Kit and 
Scrapping with Liz Templates

Jennifer Labre Designs Kit

 Crossbones Cuts Kit and 
Scrapping with Liz Templates

LCC by Amy Stoffel Kit and 
Scrapping with Liz Templates

Tracie Srtoud Designs and Captivated Visions 
Kit with Scrapping with Liz Templates

Designs by Kat Kit and 
Fiddle Dee Dee Templates

LCC by Amy Stoffel kit and 
Fiddle Dee Dee Templates 

Tracie Stroud Designs Kit and 
Fiddle Dee Dee Templates

Tracie Stroud Designs and 
Fiddle Dee Dee Templates

Stolen Moments and Flergs Kit with 
Templates by Fizzy Pop Designs

Chelle's Creations Kit with 
Scrapping with Liz Templates

Chelle's Creations Kit with Scrapping with Liz Templates, 
and my handwriting font - Typative Tall by wm[squared]

Awesome!  I love it!  I'm so glad this venture into digital scrapbooking has really made me proud of my creativity!  My husband loves it too!  He sat for a long time and read each page, and really loved looking at the book!  Made my night!

On top of that wonderful album... I can share that I am a RADvocate!  WOOT!  This means if anyone tried and eventually buys a purchase from Totally Rad, I can ear a comission!  No pressure there... especially if you give it the 30 day trial of the RadLab... you will not want to use anything else for photo editing!  Check it out here!

Well, there you have it!  My Album, and Totally Rad!  YAY!  Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back soon!
jk703/The Typative Scrapper


  1. your like the album, Yay! for you.
    where did you get the printing done ?
    gonna try this radlab and possibly printing.

  2. Where did you print your album. You didn't mention it did you? And also how much did 98 pages cost you?