Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm back.... well....

After I catch up that is.... lol!  

I've recently been a little inactive here on my blog, but I have good reasons.  I've lost two of my grandparents this year, one in April and one in July.  Both funerals and burials were held within the same week and in 2 different states!  My month of July was a whirlwind of travel, funerals, and actually, a delightful upside, family!  

My grandmother (mother's mother) was a beautiful woman, whom I will miss greatly.  It still seems like she is still in her home, and I will see her the next time I visit. But I know that is not true, especially since there is a big lump in my throat!  She passed unexpectedly in April, but for various reasons her burial was in July. It was a nice quiet affair with just family. I really enjoyed seeing my family from California and South Carolina, and after the burial, we all spent a week down at the New Jersey Shore, together. Beautiful.

At the end of the shore week, I, with my husband, and little boys, headed out to the middle of the country for my grandfather's (father's father) funeral and burial.  He passed on July 5th, and lived a long, happy, blessed life!  He was a wonderful, giving, and loving man and will be missed by me and my family.  It was a sad experience at the funeral and burial, but seeing my family for this event even puts a smile on my face! This side of my family is HUGE, so to get everyone together, laughing and having a little fun was so memorable!  

I just thought I'd share why I've been absent and what happened!  Hopefully, you will all visit again soon!  I'll be posting my tutorials again, and possibly 4 a month!  On top of that, I'd love to start posting more of my layouts!  I just have to squeeze it in, lol! I think I need more hours in the day... or I just won't be sleeping! 

Thanks for visiting and I hope you'll forgive my absence! 
Jenn (jk703)

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